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Process of design.

Concept to conclusion...

For me, working with porcelain clay is a tactile discovery. When developing a new idea I find the best method is to work instinctively, to allow the material itself to reveal its form.

I then develop a concept based on visual links and how these relate to the world around me. I continue to explore ideas and shapes within my sketchbook. I take a lot of pleasure intricately mapping out my designs considering aesthetics and wearability.

Each piece of jewellery is sculpted by hand and fired up to 3 times at temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees Celsius to create pieces that are both pleasing to the eye and hard wearing.

It is my ambition to create a piece of jewellery that will become your favourite, go to piece. Something that can be worn again and again which reflects your unique personality.

If my designs have inspired you, please get in touch to discus a one-off commission or customised piece.

Process: About

Monochrome and Gold

New Collection

My most recent collection. These pieces have been individually crafted with hand marbled black and white porcelain. The contrasting colours and the different properties of the materials create unique patterns and textures within each piece.

Process: Projects
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