Black and White Diamond necklace

Black and White Diamond necklace


A hand made, glazed, black and white porcelain diamond with 22 ct gold lustre on an 18" 14ct filled gold chain.


From my 'Black and White' collection. These pieces have been individually crafted with hand marbled black and white porcelain. The contrasting colours and the different properties of the materials create unique patterns and textures within each piece.



My handmade porcelain jewellery is first sculpted in wet porcelain. I use tools to shape and create the detail and then fire the piece in a kiln to dry and harden. Next I polish the surface, refining the lovely smooth texture and then paint it with clear glaze. After firing the piece again at over 1200 degrees celcious (which purifys and strengthens the material) I hand paint 22ct gold lustre into the desired areas. It is then fired for a third and final time to reveal the beautiful result you see in the picture.



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    United Kingdom

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