'Uno' Necklace. (14ct filled gold)

'Uno' Necklace. (14ct filled gold)


Porcelain on 18" 14ct gold filled chain.


From my 'Shards' collection this porcelain and 14ct gold filled pendant is both practical and elegant. Designed to be worn every day this minimalist piece will compliment most outfits,



My handmade porcelain jewellery is first sculpted in wet porcelain. I use tools to shape and create the detail and then fire the piece in a kiln to dry and harden. Next I polish the surface, refining the lovely smooth texture and then paint it with clear glaze. It is then fired again at over 1200 degrees celcious. (which purifys and strengthens the material) I then assemble each piece individualy with fine to create the result you see pictured.


  • Caring for your jewellery.

    Although porcelain is a very resilliant material it is still vulnarable to breakage if mistreated. Please avoiding wearing your jewellery whilest doing high impact activities such as sports.

    To keep the surface of your porcelain jewellery clean wipe with a clean dry cloth.

    Please avoide wearing your jewellery in water and keep away from soaps and deterents.

    I reccomend keeping your jewellery in a safe place like a jewellery box or on a jewellery stand.

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